There have been some exciting turn of events around here. Something big has entered the room. The Light is busting out through the doors, windows, and -- more importantly -- out of the hearts of people. A little blog post I wrote here a few weeks ago has made an appearance on the grand stage of social media heaven. How a Loaf of Bread Can Feed You for Life was published in the Elephant Journal recently-- a thought-provoking online journal for mindful folks. Pretty cool, huh? Yeah, I was beyond thrilled.

I little back story on this:  Up until a few months ago, I didn't even know what the Elephant Journal was! But through my work with Marie Forleo's B-school, my eyes have been opened to so many opportunities and online marketing tools. Many of my B-school buddies have share how they've expanded their reach and grown their audience by writing for such publications.  That is a huge goal of mine -- to grow a Community of LIGHTbeamers! After I wrote that particular blog post, I felt the piece was still talking to me, stirring something inside me to keep writing more of the story -- as if the blog post was only partially right; there was more that needed to be said.

Honestly, that is how the writing process is for me. It's a voice in my head that carries on complete conversations with my subconscious -- sometimes so loudly I literally cannot sleep, or drive, or talk to anyone else. All I hear is the story being written in my head. I have a notebook by my bed, a notepad in my car, and notes all over my phone for when the moment strikes and the words begin falling out. It's like a stream of water -- once the spout turns on, I cannot turn it off! Okay -- this sounds so weird even sharing this -- but this is how my stream of conscience works.  This is what continued to happen after I'd published the original blog post. The words kept coming, so I knew I had to keep rewriting it. Then, I just felt a voice saying "This is the one", so I relied on the loads of support from my B-school tribe and submitted the piece to Elephant.

This is such a bizarre process. You create, then you have to set it free -- release it to the world and just hope it finds a safe, happy, welcoming place to land. You have no control on the outcome. You simply hope for the best. Well the best arrived in the form of an acceptance email from the editors at Elephant Journal saying my piece had stirred something in their hearts and they were going to publish it.

And that's what it all comes down to at the end of the day... a deep desire to stir something in your hearts, to make you consider the value and importance of this little LIGHT of yours. Let it Shine. This is what resonates. This is why this work matters to me. It's not about getting published, becoming well-known, or even branding & growing this blog.... it's about reaching into the human heart, squeezing it, waking it up, and challenging you to share your heart with others to make this world a brighter place.

So the Elephant is in the room and it's Roaring. Let your LIGHT shine today :)

Click here to read the published version of How a Loaf of Bread Can Feed You for Life.




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