PictureCelebrating @ Sister's Big 50th Birthday Bash
My sister! Oh my gosh is she a shining light!!
This past year, starting in January 2014, she began posting daily on Facebook as part of a personal challenge to live her 50th year “out loud”. This was a big, bold step for her to put herself out there in a way that’s so personal and public. She committed herself to write something daily that was positive, impactful, and meaningful that she’d experienced that day. Talk about creating awareness! As the days went on, she became more and more aware of the little things, the people in the background, the daily smiles and hugs that made a difference in her world. She’s an educator — an Assistant Principal at a High School in Texas — and she deals with a lot of crap, daily. But she is also a personal witness to so many wonderful, shining moments, from people and communities, daily.  I followed “My Fiftieth Year” religiously on Facebook, and each day I looked forward to what she would post. There were days that I know behind the scenes were hard days for her — yet she found the positive nugget in there somewhere, and always shared it with her friends and family who were also following her posts. As the year wore on, I know she started to really enjoy the process — and her page, My Fiftieth Year, became a shining light for her. What a blessing that page bestowed on her. It’s said when you give, you receive. When you love, it’s reciprocated. When you shine, light is reflected back on you.

PictureOn Top of the Rock!
As the year wound down, and we prepared for the biggest party of the year in December to celebrate her 50th birthday - I couldn’t help but simply admire what she’d accomplished. But she wasn’t done; Together, we started dreaming of new ideas for her page — a blog, a book, etc… and through that, it inspired me to do the same. It’s a huge reason I am here today writing on this page — LIGHTbeamers is my own version of “My Fiftieth Year” —

So it’s only appropriate I share with you her story as one of my very first posts. Please go on over to My Fiftieth Year and LIKE her page — she’s got some good stuff brewing and will be announcing her next move soon, so I’d love to have you follow her, too!!

After the big birthday bash — she and I spent the next day climbing Enchanted Rock in Fredericksburg, Texas… this was an amazing day in which the LIGHT just poured in on us — from above, from below, and from within.



01/07/2015 8:52pm

Great story....much admiration.

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