A few weeks ago, I was "having a moment".  You have these, too, I know!  I was feeling frustrated. I'm not even sure what I was frustrated with or about --  I was just feeling irritable and things were simply “on my nerves”.  This is not a happy place — and it certainly does not help me with my intention of being a LIGHTbeamer!

Bogged down with those feelings, I stopped what I was doing (feeling sorry for myself and hosting a grand pity party for one) and I wrote down 10 people’s names whom are LIGHTS in my life, thinking I might be able to draw inspiration from their own inner glow. Wow! What a cool exercise. I thought about people I haven't seen in years to people I've only recently met.  My mind was flooded with fond memories, happy moments, funny stories, and a bevy of warm emotions that immediately turned my mood around.

Inspired, I reached for my address book, grabbed some cute cards, and wrote each of them a hand-written note  telling them I was thinking of them today, and how they've had an impact on my life.  It was hard at first for me to put my feelings of gratitude down on paper because, if I'm honest with you, I felt a little insecure and embarrassed -- worrying the classic, time-honored tradition of the utterly useless "what will they think?"  But the LIGHT quickly snuffed out those questions of darkness, and the words poured out of me. Proof that our daily lives are filled with LIGHTbeamers — sometimes right in front of our very eyes and shining so effortlessly, we hardly even acknowledge their power. But when you stop and really think about it, their LIGHT is so magnetic!  I hand-addressed the envelopes and mailed these bad boys in the snail mail.  This simple task-- a lost art by today's email & Facebook standards -- just set my heart on fire.  I couldn't help but giggle little smiles to myself thinking about the unexpected surprise that was making its way to their mailbox.

Afterwards, I was beaming! It turned my whole perspective on it's heels. I had been feeling "stuck" -- struggling with certain stories to tell, finding clear direction and motivation -- but by simply turning my attention away from "me" and thinking about the LIGHT others shine just blew out all of that darkness. LIGHT flooded my vision and, once again, the writing process began to flow.  Those 10 People shined their LIGHT on me when I needed it and they didn't even know it; it was such a cool experience.

Then, the "even cooler" moments occurred. I started hearing from these people via personal phone calls, emails, texts, and private messages, thanking me for my card and sharing my kind words with them. What I sent out was returned to me tenfold.  The phone calls especially warmed my heart because we are all busy, busy, busy people and those who took time out of their day to personally call me on the phone and allow us to exchange the pleasantries of hearing each others voice was a real LIGHTbeaming moment.  Just as it seems writing those hand-written notes is a lost art, I dare say so is calling people on the phone just to say, "Hey!"   I mean, really, when was the last time you called someone who you don't talk to regularly just to 'check in and say hello'? Gosh, what a simple way to share LIGHT with each other, right??

I didn't think about all of this when I first sat down and made my list of 10 names; I was simply trying to find a way to deflect some negative feelings.  And even with my personal notes in the mail, the most I thought about was the smile it would bring to my friends' faces and perhaps generate a quick reply message of thanks. I did not anticipate the thoughtful and meaningful phone conversations that this would inspire.  Our expectations have become so diluted and dulled, haven't they? We need to step up our game, people!!!

So let's create an uprising of LIGHT with each other. I challenge YOU — write your list of names. Is it hard or easy to name your 10?  Sit down and write them a simple note to tell them you are thinking about them and why you love them. Shine your LIGHT onto them and I promise it will be returned to you in spades.
I'd love to hear from you. Who are your LIGHTbeamers? How have they impacted you and shined a light for you?  Share with me in the comments section below.  Post pics of your cute cards on our Facebook page.  Shine your LIGHT!


03/05/2015 1:10pm

Thank you for the challenge! I will update you!

03/05/2015 9:45pm

Yay! I'll be waiting to hear :)

03/06/2015 7:19pm

Love this! Whenever we're feeling disconnected, it's always so grounding to reach out to others and share with them in order for us to re-connect with ourselves. Thanks for sharing your energy and LIGHT to the world. ;) From one B-Schooler to another...
P.S. I'm not a Texan, but I love Texas!

03/07/2015 11:22am

Garret, Thank you so much! This is so true -- it allows us to reconnect with ourselves! YES! I am so excited about B-School. Looks like you are an accomplished writer-- I'll be watching for you throughout this process. I am so inspired!!! Lots of LIGHT coming our way..............

03/06/2015 9:46pm

i'm so fortunate that I was one who received one of your personal note and I loved it. I loved your choice of cards and the words you wrote! The last few years that I've been writing hand written notes and making those personal phone calls has been great. What's even greater is tracking it. I'm not consistent as much as I want to be. I accept your challenge for 10 notes and that's my goal each week. Tonight I dropped off a little gift with a personal note which is an even better feeling. A little unexpected gift and note! Called a few people I wouldn't normally call for their birthdays and you wouldn't believe the gratitude they expressed to me. I make so may excuses why I can't call or write notes. But my goal is 10 per week. 10 calls and 10 notes. I don't always do it. In fact I hardly ever do it. But when I do, I feel incredible! I love you April for shining your light. I am grateful for our friendship and to be a part of this lightbeamers journey with you! We are all better for knowing you.

03/07/2015 11:23am

xoxo -- keep writing those notes and giving a piece of yourself to others. You have SO MUCH to offer this world.

03/07/2015 9:50am

You are indeed a light to others. I'm taking your challenge to write 10 notes this week. Look forward to seeing you next weekend!!

03/07/2015 11:25am

Oh I can't wait to hear about this when I see you! Happy you are taking my Challenge!! GO FOR IT.

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