I was so inspired — and a bit surprised — today  when I stepped outside to see little blooms of purple flowers making their grand entrance in my otherwise dead-looking flower beds. Where the heck did these guys come from? They weren't here yesterday!! Did the Flower Fairy come overnight and plant these babies? (oh, how I wish!)

What’s funny is I have no idea what kind of flowers they are (gardening is not my thing). They were planted by the previous owners of our house, and every year, for 10 years now, they’ve been surprising me each time they pop out of the dirt. What a beautiful gift!  They are always the first signs of Spring around here and they serve as a reminder better days are ahead (because by now we are so “over it”,  ready for the cold, wet, icy, snowy Winter to go far, far away).

What a delight these flowers bring. A surprise planted years ago — before our time here — greeting us with their beauty, promise, and LIGHT.  I wonder if the previous owners thought about this when they planted these little beauties all those years ago.  Did they realize the blessings they’d be passing onto others?

That’s what LIGHT does, in my opinion. It shines for you when you’re least expecting it; it beams a stream of hope into dark places; it greets you like a warm hug from your mom or best friend; it fills you up with hope and love. And it's all around us, although sometimes it's buried deep in the dirt.

On the other hand, it also lights a fire under your ass! It’s a “Call to Action” to get busy! When I saw those little purple flowers, my brain immediately went into list-making mode.

    “I need to change all the sheets on the beds”
    “It’s time to dust the baseboards, clean the windows, do Spring cleaning”
    “Oh gosh, I better call my accountant and get my taxes done”
    “Spring is here! I need to go through the kids’ closets and see what still fits”
    “It’s time to make plans for summer vacation, see what’s available and book our trip”

You get the idea. I’m sure you have similar rampages that explode in your own mind. You do, right?

While it can be inspiring, yes, it can also become overwhelming in like 2.2 seconds. I mean suddenly it’s as if you’ve woken from your winter slumber to realize you have a million things to do — because, yes ma’am, we are all members of the rat race and we keep running on that same wheel of life. "Gotta do this, gotta do that, gotta get ahead, gotta stay on top, gotta gotta gotta gotta..... "

Hold the phone, friends! Put yourself in a Time Out and take a deep breath.

Let’s go back to my friend, the little purple flower peeking out of the dirt. She’s been here forever and she’s taken it day-by-day, step-by-step to get where she is. She didn’t pop out overnight (well, she kind of did in my eyes, but in reality she’s been at this for a very, very long time — working her way to this stage in her life cycle). The lesson is this: The LIGHT will burst through and will show us the way. We do not — cannot— grow overnight. We are all a work in progress. Love and nurture, time, and a little water will get you where you are supposed to be. Let the LIGHT fuel you forward, propel you to take action in your life, but don’t ever, ever forget to honor where you are today. Where you are is exactly where you’re supposed to be. That little flower is right where she’s supposed to be. And the things we plant (do) today? — Oh, just imagine what bursts of LIGHT they will bring tomorrow, next week, next year to put us where we’re supposed to be.

So in honor of our little purple friend (what the heck is this type of flower anyway?), rather than making a ‘To Do’ list — let's make a ‘Be’ list:
    Be Fabulous
    Be Passionate
    Be Intentional
    Be Honest
    Be a Good Friend
    Be a Caring Neighbor
    Be a LIGHT to others
    Be YOU!

and then sit back and watch your garden grow!

Shine on, friends!



03/11/2015 2:30pm

Hi, April, It was just lovely to meet you yesterday, and while eating my salad today I have been looking at your blog. Congratulations! You are putting your heart into this, I can tell, and I have found it very uplifting and also practical. I am sure it will be a light to many who read it. And you have so much LIGHT in you. It was a joy to meet you. Blessings to you on this new endeavor. Amy

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