I’ve been in a bit of a creative shut down lately — bogged down with the busyness of Life, trying to “make it” until the end of the school year with my kids, and continuing to work on several projects that shouldn’t be taking me so long to complete! And — I have to admit — I’ve been a bit overwhelmed by all the tragic news that comes at us daily in the Headlines. Flooding in my home state of Texas this past week and stories of lives lost in horrific fashion have dampened my mood. It’s hard when you’ve driven the roads that are under water, you’ve eaten at the restaurants that are destroyed, you’ve camped out by the rivers that are raging. The weeks of endless rain all across the state have dampened everyone’s mood. Even my own mother — the happiest and most positive person I know — seems downtrodden and glum when I talk to her on the phone. And the forecast continues to call for more rain ... more flooding... more darkness.

But then I jump on Facebook and see a simple status update from one of my friends that sends a spark of LIGHT through me like a lightening bolt in the middle of a dead-of-night storm.

This little spark of hope in my News feed instantly restored my Mojo. Seriously, that’s all it took! Life goes on, and we are required to move forward even when we don’t feel like it. The world needs our positive energy and overall good vibes. Flood waters may sweep away homes, devastate entire communities, and tragically take lives — but the rest of us must rise up and flood the world with Goodness in order to make all of that darkness disappear. That’s what my friend Lisa did when she posted this bit of good news. That’s what the stranger who returned the wallet did. That’s what the lady who shared the secret sale on flowers at Home Depot did.

“Do Good and Good will Come to You”

I talk a lot about Random Acts of Kindness. I believe in the power it has to affect us all in such a positive and energizing way. It creates a chain reaction of Goodness — even if someone doesn’t “pass it on” in the literal sense, their mood is instantly changed and the rest of their day is filled with more smiles and happiness which in turn affects those they encounter. On my LIGHTbeamers Facebook page, I regularly challenge followers to find ways to surprise people with their thoughtfulness. It doesn’t have to be much to snap some unsuspecting stranger out of the doldrums of darkness. All we have to do is share a little Goodness. I thank my friend Lisa for sharing her Goodness and snapping me out of my stupor this week. She is a LIGHTbeamer and I am grateful for the opportunity to share her Goodness with you all here.

Now — let’s all get busy and go do some Good!
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05/27/2015 12:23pm

Good stuff lady!

06/04/2015 4:57pm

I love this. So much rings true with me. Life gets overwhelming at times but acts of kindness do restore my soul too. Keep putting it out there, we all need reminders to keep passing it on!

11/10/2015 2:26am

I am really glad to be here and read your post.i appreciate this blog

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