A friend of mine recently shared with me a simple - yet so powerful - philosophy that has carried her through a very difficult time. She’s recently suffered through a devastating job loss which led to stressful, scary financial times; Her job search has been brutal and soul-crushing; Her Dad is suffering through a Cancer diagnosis; Her grip on control slipping. Yet, through it all, she and her husband have reminded each other to stay strong and positive with this simple phrase: “Daily Bread”.   It reminds them that what they have today is enough.   Enjoy Today — it is enough. Worry about Tomorrow tomorrow. Today, you have what you need. Today, you have enough.

Taking a moment to take in a deep breath of Gratitude will do wonders to stop the spiraling feelings of fear and gloom. Gratitude just sets everything in your life back to Center. It forces you to focus on the positive, letting the negatives fall away into silence. It puts your mind back into a place of grace and love and LIGHT, allowing you to be more open to possibilities and opportunities you couldn’t see before because you were so cluttered with the Fear.

Remembering your Daily Bread is also a reminder to take pleasure in what’s around you, what is in the “here-and-now” rather than beat yourself up on what you don’t have, coveting what others have achieved. What you have, now, is enough. Daily Bread.

Our needs as humans are so basic, really. Air, water, bread…. love. Nowhere in this list will you find a place for money, furniture, stilettos, or fame. If we can take the time to stop and focus on our Daily Bread, the LIGHT will shine so much brighter for us all. The circle of Gratitude will grow and expand, encapsulating more and more around us, attracting more Goodness into our world. We have enough.

Sometimes, I don’t even have the proper words to sit and give thanks for all my blessings because the abundance is so plentiful — My family, my health, my family’s health, friendships, physical abilities, food in my pantry, the roof over my head, air, water, bread, love.
So I just sit and Be. I breathe. I inhale “Thank”, and exhale “You”. It is enough.

I am enough

You are enough

What we have — today — is enough. Daily Bread.



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