2016 Jumps for JOY


Last year, when the idea of LIGHTbeamers came to me, the word LIGHT was so crystal clear. I could see it. I could hear it. I could smell it. I could taste it. I am not even kidding — it was a very intense vision unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before in my life (more about that here).

So when this year rolled around, I was just convinced I would have another Sugar Plum Fairy vision drop out of the sky and land in my lap; another gift tied up with a nice, neat, pretty little bow. Some messages from God are powerful and undeniable while others are faint whispers, you have to really listen and watch for them. As the New Year rolled around, I was still struggling to find my footing — trying to get clear direction on where did I want to go in 2016. Then I did the Reflections exercise which I wrote about yesterday.  I liken this to cleaning your house. Sometimes my bedroom looks like a bomb of jeans, sweaters, and boots exploded in there. But then, I clean the clutter — I put all those things away, back where they belong — then I can see my floor again. I can see the pathway from my bed to my bathroom. I can see the way I am supposed to go, rather than circumventing all the madness strewn across the room. 

If you want to get real clear on what your mind, heart, and soul is telling you (really, what GOD is telling you —) then you have to clear out your mind’s clutter. Clean that crap up! Put things away where they belong. Journal, write things down, voice-record your jumbled thoughts, whatever you have to do to get it out of the way. Then, you will see your path. 

I cleaned out my mind’s clutter and realized a word had been swirling around in there for some time. I’d heard it before. Heck, I had been saying the word all along: I want to seek the JOY in my life.  

2015 was a strange year. I intentionally took nearly a year off from any kind of work so I could gift myself with the time to write; to pursue this passion project called LIGHTbeamers. To have more time with my family; to be more involved with the kids; to do a few things I just had no time for otherwise. It was a great year in that regard. But in other ways, I got restless. I am a doer. I am a worker. I feel empowered when I am out there doing my thing — working and earning a living. I like to have a full plate and be productive. It’s the way I am wired.  Towards the end of the year, that restlessness caused me to really go into a tailspin. I am normally a happy, positive, "glass is half-full" kind of girl. But during this dark time, I let fear, worry and panic rule my days — 

“I’m never going to get work again” 

“I’ve let all of my contacts dry up. They aren’t calling me anymore for projects”

“I have nothing to show for my work — my portfolio is crap”

“We are going to go broke. We’ll have to sell the house”

“I am a loser.”

Anyone ever have these insane, stupid, crazy, total nonsense thoughts run through your head and you totally BELIEVE them? This, my friends, is clutter. You gotta clean this crap OUT! Take it to the garbage. It is not even worth bagging up for donation. 

I cleaned out the clutter, then JOY appeared.  She was there all along laying on my carpet underneath all the jeans, sweaters, and boots. 

Life is too short.  You don't have to look very far to find examples of time ticking away. Why waste one more minute living in fear, worry, and doubt?  
I am not going to allow myself to spend anymore time here. I want to explore the world with JOY by my side. 
I’m linking arms with her and going to JUMP into 2016 with her. I am going to seek  & do JOYful things. I will base all of my decisions and moves by asking myself this simple question “Will it bring me JOY?” 

If you'd like to join me — here’s my plan:
Every day, I am going to journal and write down 5-6 ways JOY showed up with me that day. I’ve mapped this out — since I am starting on January 5 — by the end of the year, I will have compiled 2016 ways JOY was present in my daily life. 
Just thinking about the notebook of journal entries I will have by December 31 gets me so excited. I cannot wait to sit down on New Years Eve and reflect back on this year. There will be times that JOY will be crystal clear and obvious, while other times I am sure I will have to seek her out, find her hiding under some more clutter. But I will know she is there, and I am going to hunt her down daily. JOY is my friend and she is also yours. 

I will be sharing about this regularly in the LIGHTbeamers Community — so join me over there and let’s JUMP for JOY.  




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